The Port of Rio Grande is located in the geographic center of São Paulo - Buenos Aires and in a region that encompasses pratically the entire southern half of the continent (Chile, Argentina, Uruguay, Paraguay and Southern Brazil). The TERGRASA is located on the western bank of the Port of Rio Grande access canal. Whit its 42 feet of draft, it is the main collector for the export corridor supplied by the state's production hubs, interior ports and the transoceanic corridors formed by the Southern Cone's production regions.

Pier - Extension 562,5m
Simultaneous mooring 2 Ships Up to 80 thousand TPB each
Boarding capacity 3 thousand ton/hour
Barge Pier - Extension 612 m
Discharge Capacity/Waterway 300 ton/hour
Ability of Vertical Silos 150 thousand toneladas em 164 colunas
Bulk Warehouses Horizontal 302 thousand tons in 3 warehouses
Discharge Capacity/Road 750 ton/hour
Discharge Capacity/Railway 750 ton/hour